Depression and anxiety during pregnancy

Have you experienced symptoms of depression and anxiety during your pregnancy? Postnatal depression has gradually become more recognised in our society, but unfortunately, most people still don’t realise that women can be paralysed by these symptoms even before the baby is born.  And new research suggests that antenatal symptoms may represent the most severe for of perinatal disorder

If you are pregnant and feel like you need help with mood or anxiety symptoms, speak to a doctor or psychologist as soon as possible – it can make a big difference to you and your baby.

Depression during pregnancy

Similar to postpartum depression, prenatal depression is accompanied by feelings of worry, sadness and anxiety. But there are some unique symptoms as well, which is why researchers at Northwestern University are raising awareness by informing women and their doctors about the signs of pregnancy-related depression.  Results from their recent study suggest that such women who develop depression before or during their pregnancies suffer from a more severe version of this mental-health concern and experience more intense feelings of sadness, along with sleep concerns and, in rare instances, paranoia.