DV and QLD Courts

If you struggle to understand the complexities of family and domestic violence legislation, you aren’t alone – for many people living with violence in their intimate relationships, it can feel too hard to understand the system to reach out and get help.  So, congratulations to the Queensland Courts website for putting together this series of short videos that describes the process in a much more understandable way – and you don’t have to sift through lots of written material to understand what the process will involve.  Topics cover:

What is domestic and family violence?

What is a domestic violence order?

How to apply for a protection order.

What happens in court?

What if I’m served?

Understanding the conditions of a domestic violence order.

You can access the videos here http://www.courts.qld.gov.au/going-to-court/domestic-violence/videos-on-domestic-violence-court-process

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