Fertility Matters launch

I just wanted to share an initiative by a couple of fabulous “iVFlings”: Rebecca Featherstone Jelen and Candice Thum (nee Reed), who are launching a national campaign aimed at understanding the community’s level of knowledge of fertility and what affects it.

A message from Candice and Rebecca (national Fertility Matters campaigners):

“Fertility and reproduction had always been a part of the conversation for us growing up, but it often surprises us how little others seem to know about the subject. Both of us are now mothers and want our children to receive sound information on reproductive health and fertility, not just how conception occurs and how to avoid it.

As the first generation of kids born through this science, we iVFlings believe it’s extremely important that we stand up and be part of policy decisions around fertility at all levels.

We are the real people, the faces of IVF and there’s lots everyone can learn from us.

Our project: ‘Fertility Matters – know your fertility inside out’,  aims to increase education so everyone can have an informed conversation about reproductive health.

We need your help to get the message out to the community, so we can reach young adults to complete the survey. We hope you will invite friends to ‘Like’ the Fertility Matters Facebook page from your individual Facebook pages https://www.facebook.com/fertilitymatters15.  The Fertility Matters survey and information about iVFlings at http://www.ivflings.org

This campaign is not just for men and women dealing with fertility issues, or those born through ART. We hope our campaign will also encourage families to talk more openly about their fertility so generations to come are aware of how common fertility issues are.

Thank you for helping us and for being part of the conversation”.