First Stop - Los Angeles, USA

So, I have safely arrived in sunny (bur surprisingly cold) LA after a long night inflight.  I have a couple of days sightseeing ahead of me before a whole series of meetings with some amazing LA fertility doctors, lawyers and counsellors.  I am so excited and privileged that these busy people are making time in their schedules to talk to me about their surrogacy work.  We already know that a large number of Australians come to LA when they choose the USA as their surrogacy destination, and we already know that many of the clinics here have some well established processes by which they manage their surrogacy arrangements.  But I am looking forward to hearing more, from the practitioners themselves, about their experiences of providing services from the other side of the Pacific.

I am posting a couple of photos – one from Melbourne airport (mid transit) and one mid-flight. I missed the Christmas full moon, but caught a stunning sunset (or was it a sunrise??)