Is your baby sleeping normally?

baby sleeping

I really like this advice from Christy Kidner about newborn sleep routines – what I like the most is that she reminds us is takes a while for babies to develop their patterns and routines and we shouldn’t get too carried away too soon about what we expect our babies to be able to do.   As Christy says:

Baby sleep is an area of huge demand right now and there are so many sleep specialists/consultants. When a mother is in the newborn daze and her mental, physical and emotional exhaustion is at its peak, she will do just about anything to get some decent sleep.

But before you part with the small fortune you will pay for this service, consider that somewhere along the line, women are missing out on the advice that newborn babies don’t sleep. They all go through horrendously unsettled periods and there will be times when you will be waking multiple times overnight and feel like you are feeding 24/7 and can’t even get a minute to yourself to go to the toilet.

It’s incredibly hard and at times it will break you. However, barring any health issue such as reflux, tongue tie or an allergy (all quite common and treatable), it is completely normal newborn behaviour and it will pass in time.