I've Got Dibs!


I have kind of fallen in love with the slightly corny phrase of “diblings” that some people have started to use to describe their donor siblings.  For many donor conceived people, learning about and meeting the other child born from their donor is at least as important as meeting the donor themselves – and it makes sense, as there is not just a shared genetic relationship but also a shared experience of being a donor conceived person that almost nobody else can fully understand.

This new book, “I’ve Got Dibs!: A Donor Sibling Story” is one of the first titles I am aware of that specifically refers to the diblings, rather than the donor conception itself and it looks like it will be a super cute addition to my library!  

I’ve Got Dibs! is a sweet story of a mother and daughter discussing the young girl’s donor siblings for the first time. The conversation focuses on the special connection a donor-conceived child has with other children conceived using the same donor.