Parenting in the early years

Check out Babies in Minda Free online course for parents and professionals which has been developed by the University of Warwick, and is being offered through the free online course coordinator FutureLearn.   Babies in Mind is a 4-week online course and the next start date for the program is just next week: 24 July 2017

Babies in Mind: Why the Parent’s Mind Matters.
Find out how parents influence children’s minds, from conception through infancy.

Who is the course for?

This online course is aimed at everyone who has an interest in promoting the well-being of their own baby, or the parents and babies they work with. You do not need any prior knowledge of infant or child development, just a desire to learn about parents and babies, and the way that early interaction shapes later development. The course is based on the latest research in the field and you will be introduced to key concepts relating to infant psychology and attachment.

Throughout, we’ll seek to answer questions such as:

  • How does a parent’s mind influence the development of a baby before he or she is born?
  • What processes take place in the post-natal period that influence the baby’s developing mind?
  • What can we do during pregnancy and the post-natal period to support parents who are experiencing difficulties?

You will get the chance to hear from expert academics and clinicians working in infant mental health, and share your views with other parents and caregivers around the world.


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