Movement towards Cambodian surrogacy law?

After almost 2 years of surrogacy services being offered in a murky legal environment, it looks like the Cambodian Government might be making a move towards establishing a clearer legislative framework for the practice in that country.  Reports in the Cambodian local media today indicate that legislation may soon be drafted which would consider surrogacy practices, but there is still  no clarity on when this might occur, or what restrictions this may involve.

In the meantime, it is critical that anyone considering Cambodia as a destination for surrogacy be fully aware of the risks associated with undertaking a surrogacy arrangement in a country which has no legal protections for either surrogates or intending parents.  For Australians considering accessing surrogacy in Cambodia, please heed the DFAT website travel warning which states:

In November 2014, Cambodian authorities advised the Australian Government that the act of commercial surrogacy, or commissioning commercial surrogacy, was illegal in Cambodia with penalties including imprisonment and fines. Australians are advised not to visit Cambodia for the purpose of engaging in commercial surrogacy arrangements. Those considering commercial surrogacy in Cambodia should seek independent legal advice. While in Cambodia, Australians are subject to the local laws of Cambodia and should not rely on assurances from commercial clinics or other agencies suggesting there are ways to circumvent or influence local laws.