Project planning continues...

This week I have been quite overwhelmed and more than a bit excited by my progress in planning the research trip.  I have now made contact with significant contributors in the fertility and surrogacy sector in almost every location, and I have been just blown away by how friendly and helpful everyone has been, and how much support I am getting towards the project.  Working in private practice can sometimes feel like living inside a bubble – it has been quite eye opening to step out of the bubble and see how many other clinicians, solicitors and other professionals are right there, working away and eager to connect.

I have also had some really beautiful opportunities to describe the project in a social setting with some old friends (some I hadn’t spoken to or seen for… wait for it… almost 28 years). It was so amazing to have them express such in the project and be so excited for me – the sense of responsibility for me to do something amazing with this project is just growing day by day.

The count down is on, and there is now less than 3 months before I fly out.  Wow, still so much to do!