Questions to ask your fertility doctor

I really like an article I just found which suggests 30 simple and sensible questions to put to your fertility specialist.  These questions help ensure you get the most out of your treatment and help you to remain an active part of the decision making process. Some patients worry about asking “too many” questions of their doctor, but you have every right to ensure you fully understand your treatment and get the most out of your clinic’s services.    The suggested questions in the article are:

1. What is my diagnosis?
2. Can my condition improve or worsen over time?
3. Does my partner also have a condition that contributes to our fertility issues?
4. Would you recommend any further diagnostic tests? If so, which and why?
5. What type of infertility treatment would you recommend trying first?
6. Does this treatment involve surgery and/or medications, or both?
7. What are the risks of treatment for my own health?
8. How many office visits does this treatment require and how often would they occur?
9. Would I need someone to drive me home?
10. Would I need time off from work and/or exercise following treatment or a procedure?
11. What would a timetable for this treatment look like?
12. In your experience, how often does this treatment result in pregnancy?
13. How many of those pregnancies result in a live birth?
14. Does this treatment increase the chances of having twins or multiples?
15. What, if any, are the risks of this treatment to the baby?
16. Do you recommend any alternative therapies, such as acupuncture, as a replacement or supplement to these treatments?
17. How many cycles of this treatment would you recommend before trying another option?
18. Would you recommend taking a break between treatment cycles, and if so, how long?
19. Are there any changes to my lifestyle that could increase my chances of getting pregnant or improve my condition without medical intervention?
20. Is there a treatment option for me that would require the use of a sperm donor or donor eggs?
21. Does your clinic provide those services?
22. What is the success rate for that treatment?
23. What does that treatment entail?
24. Does your clinic allow egg sharing when two or more women share the cost and eggs harvested from a single donor?
25. What is my long-term prognosis?
26. Knowing my medical history, can you give me your best guess as to my likely chances of a successful pregnancy?
27. What does treatment cost?
28. When is payment due?
29. Does my insurance cover any of the cost?
30. Do you offer any payment plans for out-of-pocket expenses?