The baby juggle

Oh, I REALLY like this article from the ABC’s Life program about managing the competing demands of parenthood and work!  

This is a topic I spend a great deal of time discussing with new mums in my practice … because the reality is, for many families there is no financial choice but to have both parents return to work reasonably soon after they bring home a baby.  But there are so many questions so answer within this….

How do you decide to stay home with the baby or return to work?

How soon is “too soon” to go back to work?

Should I go back full time or part time?

How do you find the balance?

How will all of this impact my career?

How am I going to be able to wake up to get to work in time, and not find myself     covered in baby spew?

How do you deal with the judgement from (apparently) everyone else??

When I became a mother, I also became the recipient of loads and loads of unsolicited advice, whether it was from a friend over coffee, or from a stranger as I waited to cross the road with my kids.