"The Happiness Jar"

One of my beautiful clients recently introduced me to a website she had found called www.stillmothers.com. She has had some really tough times over the past few years and I have had the absolute honour of spending time with her as she has talked through (at various times) her joy, fear, pain, loss and grief.

Tonight I decided to have a look around the website – it seemed apt as we are approaching Infant Loss Remembrance Day – and I was struck by the many heartfelt stories shared by mums and dads who have been united in grief by the loss of the babies.

I was especially struck by a story called The Happiness Jar which describes the strategy one young mum used to get through the year following the death of her little one.  I have suggested similar strategies to many people dealing with all sorts of crises, but I adore the way this mum helped herself to get through the most impossible of circumstances.