The kids are all right

420C827300000578-4667254-image-a-1_1499251955931More and more single men and women are choosing to become parents alone, but this has raised questions at times about the potential harm to the children raised in these family unit.  A new study is debunking these fears, finding that children brought up by a single mother do not suffer compared to those from a traditional nuclear family. The findings of the study were presented at the recent ESHRE conference and a summary of the study can be found here

Many women without partners now choose to start a family alone, with 4,675 females choosing to become pregnant by donor insemination in 2014.

Some experts have expressed concerns that children brought up by a single mother may not do as well because of a lack of a father figure.

But a new study has found that children brought up by a single-mother-by-choice do not suffer from poor well-being in comparison to those brought up by two parents.

Children of single mothers are no more likely to show signs of behavioural disorders than their counterparts raised in traditional families, the study found.