Anxiety after loss


So many of the women and men I speak with are coming to terms with having lost their much wanted and loved babies – sometimes at a relatively early stage in the pregnancy, and sometimes right at the end, in an unexpected term stillbirth.

Parents who should be celebrating their joy, find themselves trying to find ways to make space for a grief that makes no sense whatsoever. And eventually, trying to find a way to find the courage to try again and deal with the inevitable anxiety of coping with another pregnancy. Not knowing if this will also end in heartbreak.

This brave mum recently shared her story on the Mater Mothers Facebook page, and she gives some insight into how tough a pregnancy is after lossĀ

I guess it can be summed up in total as a journey of faith and hope. We set a goal and kept pushing to it despite our heartbreaks, one after the other, and working through our grief. It has by no means been easy but it’s certainly worth it.