Thinking of freezing your eggs?

An increasing number of women are now exploring the option of egg freezing as fertility “insurance”. But does it really stack up to “ensure” that wanted baby in years to come?  This article does a good job at exploring the pros and cons of egg freezing.

Consultant Simone Campbell from the City Fertility Centre in Brisbane said many women visited the clinic purely to discuss their options.  She said the best age to start thinking about egg freezing was early 30s.

“Unfortunately a lot of the women who come and see me in their late 30s to discuss it — that’s not the best time to freeze eggs,” Dr Campbell said.

“If we can have people thinking about it earlier, they can at least assess the situation and make an informed decision.”

Dr Campbell said success rates of conception using frozen eggs was under-researched, but collecting 20 healthy eggs from a 32-year-old may result in a 70 to 80 per cent chance of “taking home a baby”. “We need to see generations of people until we can really gauge that.

“It’s a mini insurance policy that has no definite pay off at the end.” Dr Campbell said it was important for women to understand there were medical risks associated with the egg collection procedure.

“It’s a safe process, but we know that there is a risk of bleeding from ovaries [for example].”