I don't like being pregnant

pregnnacy sad

Quite frequently, I speak to women who are feeling incredibly guilty and anxious about the fact they dislike the experience pregnancy, and sometimes, they are lacking any sense of connectedness to the baby growing inside their bellies.  These women have usually heard/read all the stories about “mummy love” this feeling that all women are supposed to feel awash with during pregnancy, where they are filled with love for their babies and finally feel that their life purpose has been discovered.  These women end up feeling inadequate and terrible – like they are letting themselves, their partners, their families, and their babies down.  They frequently conclude that they will be terrible mothers and they have made a terrible mistake by choosing to become pregnant.

More often than not, the conclusions that they have reached are a long way from reality, and in truth they will be brilliant mums, they simply don’t love pregnancy. And that’s ok.  This articles explores this topic a little more, and says that women should feel that they can express this lack of enjoyment in pregnancy if that’s how they are feeling.  I agree, but suspect that there needs to be a fairly big social shift before their feelings will be well understood. http://www.essentialbaby.com.au/pregnancy/news-views/why-women-who-hate-being-pregnant-should-be-able-to-talk-about-it-20161202-gt2kjk.html