Whoa, slow down!


A lovely reader of this page just sent this article from last weekend’s Weekend Australia through to me and it is SO GOOD.  For those of you who have kids and are also working (or maybe studying, or trying to start your own business, or helping out at your kid’s school, or taking care of your ageing parents – because it is all of the ANDs that we try to manage that are the problem), check it out.  Then, we just have to find the solution.  I suspect it is simple.  It’s probably called slowing down….. https://www.theaustralian.com.au/life/weekend-australian-magazine/working-mothers-families-and-the-secrets-we-keep/news-story/cff22f5c86fe6001ee780bdf12801e08

Twenty years ago, the average working day was about seven hours and many mothers didn’t have a job outside the home. In the years since, the working day has grown by an average of about two hours and a million more mums have jobs. This is partly because house prices have soared in that time. Most households now need to have two parents out of the house working for long periods of the day. But, in that time, the needs of our children and the structure of childcare and the school day haven’t changed at all — as every parent of a school-age child discovers when there are weeks of the summer holidays still left to go, their own leave is used up, their finances are spent and the kids are going bananas with the need for involvement and undivided attention.