How are you really doing?

Every day I talk to new mums and dads bravely (or perhaps desperately) putting on a brave face and trying to appear like all is “fine” to the outside world, no matter how badly they might be feeling inside.  It appears to be such a taboo to be anything but happy and filled with love and wellbeing once we bring home our babies, but the reality is there might be any number of reasons new parents actually feel overwhelmed, distressed, or even clinically anxious or depressed.  It is bad enough for a new parent to feel like they have to present this facade to friends and family, but even worse if the same sense is gained from the healthy professionals who should be there to pick up problems during those tough early weeks.

This article describes the battle of one new parent who was frustrated by her doctor’s failure to ask the “right questions” about how she was feeling.  If you have this experience, please persevere until you get the support you need- 10-20% of mothers will develop permpartum anxiety or depression and these conditions really do have a significant impact on mothers and babies.